How to Make Funny Signs for the Office

Today’s business world has a lot to do with communication. It is not only vital to communicate with our clients and the public but within the office as well. Folks within an office often speak to one another directly and indirectly. When one wants to communicate indirectly, they may send others memos, emails, and even make signs. While some signs are serious and act as warnings or as a set of instructions, it does not mean they cannot be humorous. In fact, you can create numerous signs to get a laugh out of others or just to amuse yourself. Consider these suggestions from Eagle Master Signs & Awards. 

For Yourself 

Put these signs around your office if you need a chuckle on those particularly stressful days. One idea is to hang up a sheet of paper that says, “Bang Head Here” in a circle. Feel free to add the title “Stress Reduction Kit.” You may also include directions for mounting the sign on a flat surface and following the directions inside the circle. Tell the reader that they may repeat these instructions until unconscious. Yet if they are unconscious, they must put a stop to this stress-reduction exercise. Another sign that may interest you is “Cubicle Sweet Cubicle” if that’s where you dwell. If you have your own office space, “Everyone brings joy to the office. “Some bring it when they enter it…others when they leave!” may be suitable. Another funny saying is “Procrastinators unite!…tomorrow.” One last idea for a sign or plaque is “I’m not bossy…I just have better ideas.”

For Others

Others may benefit from your fun and witty signs. Is the copier broken? Put up a sign that says “Like me, this copier is unavailable and too hot.” Put down your name or another person’s. Another funny sign for a copy machine would be “This copier is called Marley because it is always jammin’.” If you have to go out for a bit, it may be comical to post a sign that reads “Out to lunch. If I’m not back by 5, I’ve gone to dinner.” For those who love sarcasm, post on your door “I would like to help you out. Which way did you come in?” Another way to get a  laugh is to put up a blank sheet of paper that says “Free! Strips of paper” with slits at the bottom of the sheet. Maybe you’re a clean enthusiast but others around you are not catching on to the importance of cleanliness in the office. For the kitchen, put up a sign that says “Feel free to make yourself at home. So wash the dishes.” As for the bathroom, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again” would be appropriate. For the office in general, post “Please ring the bell for service. If nobody answers, clean it up yourself.” For more ideas, consult Eagle Master Signs & Awards.