Five-Step Guide for Hiring Divorce Attorneys

divorceeAn experienced divorce lawyer can obtain alimony, child support, and acceptable visitation rights. The property division will be fair; unforeseen problems will be prevented, and the divorce process will be as painless as possible. The question is, How do you find the right counselor with several divorce attorneys in Greenville, SC, to choose from?  This simple five-step guide can help.

1. Schedule a Consultation

Meet with more than one prospective attorney. Interview them the way you would when hiring someone else. Pay attention to everything, from the work environment to the answers you receive. Cross that lawyer off your list when you do not connect or feel uncomfortable. A divorce is a serious matter; with your future in the balance, you cannot afford setbacks. Trust your instincts.

2. Discuss Fees

Fees and retainers should not become a mystery. They should be revealed and discussed even before you employ a counselor. Know what happens to the money that was paid in advance in case you are dissatisfied with the services and want to part ways. Do not hire an attorney you cannot afford. Switching counselors halfway through the process can have devastating consequences.

3. Prepare Questions Ahead of Time

Prepare interview questions in advance. Add to them whenever you think of another important matter. Be as specific as possible. Remove lawyers from your list who hesitate, answer vaguely or redirect the issue. They obviously cannot be trusted. Their behavior makes you wonder whose side they are on. You should also not feel stupid, insulted, or berated. It is a lawyer’s duty to treat every client with respect. Conversations should be courteous and in a language you can easily understand. Not everyone went to law school.

4. Free Advice

It can be extremely annoying when your legal representative does not volunteer valuable information. Counselors should always have their clients’ best interest at heart. That includes warning them of typical divorce behavior from hurting or angry spouses. Knowing what “may” happen helps clients to take precautions against revenge.

5. Take Your Time

When your future is at stake, you have to employ one of the best divorce attorneys in Greenville, SC. Never hire an attorney during your consultation meeting. Go back home and continue to investigate those lawyers you like. What do clients say about them? Many consumers post reviews online. Read as many statements as possible. Ask the State Bar Association if any complaints were filed against your candidates. How were issues resolved, and in what time frame?  It is impossible to please everyone. However, that is still no reason to ignore grievances.