Features of Self Storage Facilities

Are you downsizing from you current home to a smaller space? Or, have your storage needs exceeded the space you have in your current home? If so, you may find that you need additional storage to safely secure your belongings. This is when a facility like U-STOR & CAR-GO Self Storage can be extremely advantageous. Homeowners that have never used a storage facility before may be leery and uncertain of these establishments. However, many of these storage facilities offer features that make self storage a viable and risk-free option for storing your belongings.

24-Hour Access

One reason that homeowners often dismiss self storage options is the misconception that they will not have unlimited access to their belongings. While there may be some facilities that limit a person’s ability to access their storage unit, this isn’t the case of all storage facilities. In fact, there are many facilities that provide its customers 24-hour access to their units.

Ground Level Units

Aside from not being able to access your unit whenever you want, another common frustration among storage facility users is the inability to easily load and unload their belongings because of units that are stacked on top of one another. This is common at facilities that have indoor storage. However, if you choose a facility that features outside, garage-style units this isn’t going to be a problem. These types of facilities feature ground level units that make it easy for you to drive your vehicle right up to the door to load and unload with ease.

Fire Protection

Many people that utilize self storage facilities do not realize that they need to worry about fire protection. When it comes to safe and reliable storage it is important that you choose a facility that has fire protection features such as drywall partitions that are fire-resistant. Why is this a concern? Well, if a unit catches on fire that is next to yours or even a couple of units away the fire-resistant drywall will act as a barrier and prevent the fire from spreading as fast. While it won’t entirely protect your unit it will buy some time for first responders to arrive on the scene to begin putting out the fire. Fire-resistant drywall can mean the difference between losing your belongings and saving them.

Physical Security

While fire protection is a feature that is non-negotiable, so is physical security. The truth is that thieves know that storage units are treasure troves, containing valuables that can be worth plenty of money on the black market. Even though you may not be storing priceless antiques or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a storage unit, you still want your belongings to be safe and secure. This is why self storage facilities that feature a plethora of physical security features are desired by customers. When choosing a facility it is important to choose one that has video surveillance as well as onsite security guards. Some self storage facilities actually feature live-in management, which adds to the security of the facility. It is also important that each individual storage unit has its own alarm system and unique code to open it. The option to change your code whenever you desire is also a feature of many storage units as well.

As you can see, there are a number of features that self storage units like U-STOR & CAR-GO Self Storage offer to homeowners that need extra storage space. Finding the self-storage facility that is best for you simply requires a bit of research and forethought.