Common Issues You May Experience with Sprinkler Systems

Keeping your lawn looking its best can give your home great curb appeal. It’s in your best interest to install and upkeep your sprinkler systems in Fairfax. When you have a problem with it, you may find that it suffers from uneven watering and your water bill increases. You can prevent this from happening by knowing what issues to look for and how to go about working on it. This includes leaks, positioning problems, overwatering, and weatherization. 


Leaks tend to occur when seals become worn or damaged by lawn maintenance of accidentally driving over it with your vehicle. This can cause dry areas to appear due to the decrease in pressure or puddles of water and large wet areas. You’ll need to locate the leak and replace the parts that have damages or worn. If you replace it by yourself, you should use caution so you don’t break the irrigation line in the process.


When it comes to the positioning of it, you should consider the placement of the head and the landscaping design. If the head becomes tilted, it may become inaccurate when it comes to hitting the target area. You can remove the soil, straighten it out, then replace the soil. You should also think about the design. As you plan the position of each head, you need to consider the length and pressure of the water. This is called head-to-head water coverage. It will help enhance the coverage while reducing dry spots. Watch out for any landscaping issues, and trim trees and bushes that may prevent the water from getting where it needs to go.


Even if your system is functioning as it should, you may find that your lawn gets too much water due to outside factors. You can purchase controllers to help you program the water. This is especially helpful in areas that experience drought and has regulations on when the water can be turned on. You can also purchase devices that automatically shut off the system due to rain. The equipment is inexpensive, and many areas offer incentives to homeowners who utilize it. This can keep your lawn healthy while saving you money in the long run.


You should also familiarize yourself with weatherization procedures to protect your structure throughout the winter months. Some varieties have automatic drain valves with insulation. Read the manual that comes with your equipment to know how to use it correctly. If you don’t have automatic capabilities for your equipment, you should find a landscape contractor who can come to your home and prepare it for you. 

When it comes to caring for sprinkler systems in Fairfax, you should know how to locate and fix for leaks, solve problems with positioning, find equipment that can help you refrain from overwatering, and prepare your equipment with weatherization. If you need any help with your lawn, contact a local retailer or contractor to help you get the lawn that you want.